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Middle C on Guitar - F above and G above middle C on a Guitar

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The pitches "middle C," "G above middle C," and "F below middle C" are equivalent to the following scientific pitch notations as follows -

  • Middle C is C4
  • G above middle C is G4, and
  • F below middle C is F3

In order for us to determine their locations, a few functional considerations of the guitar fret board construction need to be realized:

  • First, the guitar has 6 strings that are tuned differently in open and 18-24 frets.
  • Each fret advances the note placed before it by a semitone

Thus, a guitar has anywhere from 108 to 144 fret-string combination position, which means that many pitches. Again, the range of a standard tuned guitar is E2 to E6 (a total of four octaves i.e. 48 individual pitches / frequencies when the octaves are divided into the standard 12 notes ). Thus,
A particular pitch (frequency) can occur on more than one string. From the above, it is clear that a pitch must be playable in at least 3 different string-fret combination to make up the fabled 144.

This is true and the locations of the notes mentioned above on a standard 6 string, 24 fret guitar tuned to standard tuning are as follows:

Middle C
F above C4G below C4
S: 6; F:20S: 6; F:11S: 1; F: 3
S: 5; F:15S: 5; F: 8S: 2; F: 8
S: 4; F:10S: 4; F: 3S: 3; F:12
S: 3; F: 5xS: 4; F:17
S: 2; F: 1xS: 5; F:22

N.B. S means "sting number" and F means "fret number." Calculations were done, taking S2;F:1 as middle C and going above and to the right to arrive at middle C every time, and similarly for the other two.

There is one thing different though - as one changes the strings, the timbre of the note (not the pitch /frequency) changes.

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Middle C on Guitar - F above and G above middle C on a Guitar

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