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Common types of Guitars

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Guitars are is of various types, makes and models. The common types of guitars are as follows:

I. Acoustic guitars:

A. Number of Strings:
· 6 string acoustic guitar - commonest (probably what you have right now)
· 12 string acoustic guitar - (for full bodied choruses and leads)

B. Nature of the Sound Hole:
· Round hole
· F-hole

C. Nature of the Strings:
· Metal strings: Heavy gauge or Light gauge
· Nylon strings

D. Height of the bridge:
· Spanish guitars - (played by picking the strings)
· Hawaiian guitars - (bridge is set high and it is played by sliding)

II. Electric guitars:
6 String electric guitar - (commonest in rock bands)
· 12 String electric guitar
· Bass guitar (electric) - (provides the deep base sound)

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Common types of Guitars

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