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Shapes of individual CAGED major chords (CAGED system)

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Continuing the discussion from Basic movable Major chord shapes - CAGED System, now we discuss each of the CAGED major chords:

The basic chord shapes in CAGED system of guitars

Among these shapes, the C and D shapes tend to merge into one beyond the nut position for all practical purposes, if we slightly modify the note on the 4th string. If we want to preserve and play the uncommon 4-string D shape for chords, we have to play using the following basic shape:
The D major shape in CAGED system of guitar

Please refer back to the page above to view and compare the above with the basic CAGED shapes that will be transposed to produce the above.

While reading this you would notice that all these chords are derived from these basic five shapes and will be able to figure out the positions of non-CAGED major chords such as C#, G# or Eb, from these.

Later we shall see how these basic shapes are tweaked to get all minor, augmented, diminished, suspended, 7th, 9th, etc chord (any chord basically).

Thus the CAGED system will live up to its claim of being an aide-mémoire to most, if not all common guitar chords.

The CAGED System on a Guitar:

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Shapes of individual CAGED major chords (CAGED system)

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