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Chord Scales : Scales of Guitar Chords

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Every chord is based on at least one scale and every scale has multiple possible chords.

Theoretically, any three or more notes when taken together and played constitute a chord. To compound this prodigality of production, any set of notes chosen from the chromatic scale may constitute another scale. This is, fortunately, just theory; "survival of the fittest" has been dictum for selection here too. Most of the scales and chords so formed will not sound too musical; some will be downright terrible. So, by the process of “aural selection” elimination of the poor sounding scales and chords has left us with handfuls that do sound proper.

Again, we must note that:
  • a scale may produce more than one chord; again,
  • a chord may belong to more than one scale
Most chords we encounter fall within the major and natural minor scales. These chords are basically composed by picking and choosing particular notes from its mother scale.

Scale of C Major Chord : Chord Scales - How to find Scales of Chords

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Chord Scales : Scales of Guitar Chords

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