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Importance of Phase Difference

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It is important here because, if two waves are such that their frequency and phase differences are both zero, then their sound intensity will add up i.e. raising the volume. But, if their phase difference is 50% of maximum (180 degree), it will so happen that ones troughs will line up with the others peak, causing the resultant sound to be halved in volume (amplitude). Thus they will be mutually "dampening."

This is also so important for a guitar, as these dampening frequencies are weeded out due to the acoustic properties of the guitar. One string vibrates; this vibration is carried to all the other strings by through the bridge and the nut of the guitar; the vibration leads to resonance of some other strings will vibrate due to resonance. These resonant frequencies are always synchronized (in the same phase). Those frequencies that are not resonant will not be produced as the source of these frequencies is the same - the string that was struck first. The criteria for two notes to be produced by the guitar when plucking one string is that the two sound waves produced must not cancel each other - thus the only ones possible are the harmonics. This is how a guitar produces harmonics.

In the diagram above, the phase has been chosen to represent a multiple of 90 degree, so that the interference pattern is the clearest - i.e. the maximum possible number of troughs and peaks line up and interact to produce the highest possible amplitudes.

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Importance of Phase Difference

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