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Phase Difference and Harmonics

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A point here needs to be mentioned: that of Phase.When two pure waves are produced, the relative position of their peaks and troughs to each other is measured by the phase of each wave. The difference in the phases of each wave is called the "Phase Difference".

Its like two people cartwheeling on the same track. Their relative position of their body parts at any point of time during the event can be seen as an analogy for phase difference. They may cartwheel so synchronously that their heads points to the ground at the same time (in phase - zero degree difference), or it may happen alternately - ones head points down while the others points up (180 degree difference). Or, it may be haphazard. The maximum difference will occur (nearly 360 degree) only when the second performer stars as the 1st is just about to finish one cart wheel.

How To Tune A Guitar Scientifically:

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Phase Difference and Harmonics

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