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Eleminating Beats : The Bend Test

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Your goal here in tuning the guitar is to "eliminate that beat." Here's a simple methodical may to do that:

(i) play the open and the closed strings playing the same note together (details of the sets on next page).

(ii) if there is no beat, then you're done; but if there is one, it means that the two frequencies are too far away and you need to do little test to find out which if the strings that you are playing is producing a sound of a greater frequency.
I call it theBend Test

(iii) gently bend the closed string (that you are pressing on).

(iv) if the beat rate increases or if the two sounds seem to be getting more unlike (the closed string is sounding more different from the open string), then that means that means the closed string is at a higher frequency.

~To correct this either reduce the tension (directly proportional to the frequency of the sound produced) in the closed string or increase it in the open one all the while repeating the test.

~You should keep one string fixed and change the tension in the other to tune the guitar.

(v) if the reverse occurs, do the reverse.

Remember, tuning is sensitive; so do not press the strings hard during tuning as that will raise the tension of the closed string and wreck your tune. You will have to work out the proper pressure with practice.

How To Tune A Guitar Scientifically:

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Eleminating Beats : The Bend Test

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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