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Treble, Treble Clef, Lead, Soprano - All about Treble

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A Bit About Treble / Soprano:

Treble or Soprano is a range of tones with a high frequencies. These are thus finer crisper sounds that forms the lighter parts of the musical piece. It is produced by most everyday instruments like the guitar, violin, flutes, clarinets, saxophones, etc. It form the body that is underscored by the bass. The term, "Soprano" means treble. It is more suited in describing a voice - a feminine high pitched voice of females or boys before puberty (like choirboys). Alto frequently refers to a frequency that has the second highest range, below that of the treble or soprano. A boy soprano is a young male singer with a voice in the soprano range.

In an equalizer, treble refers to that very same high pitched sounds.

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Treble, Treble Clef, Lead, Soprano - All about Treble

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