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Bass, Base, Base Guitar - All about Bass

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the bass clef

A bit about Bass:

Bass is a range of tones of a low frequency. These are thus heavy sounds and produce a deep underlining effect to the melody. It mostly provides a harmonic and rhythmic support. The instruments that produce such sounds are collectively referred to as Bass Instruments (e.g. Base guitar, Double bass -a.k.a. "Contrabass" from the violin family). Those players who play bass instruments are referred to as Bassists. Bass is important to all genres of music ranging from Classical to Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, etc. A bass singer is a classical male singer who possesses the lowest vocal range of all voice types. Basslines are simple catchy musical motifs or patterns that are played in a piece of music on a bass instrument.

Sub-bass is a term used for audible sounds between 90 Hz and the lowest frequency audible to humans, typically 20 Hz. Sounds of this nature are often played using a sub-woofer. Sound below sub-bass (below 20 Hz) is called infra-sound. Sub-bass may also refer to a bass guitar that has a lower than average frequency range achieved by means such as heavier strings or lower tuning or both.

Effects of Infrasonic Tones:
Tones at or near the threshold of hearing have been found to have certain less-than-musical effects. A 17 or 19 Hz tone can cause people to have unusual experiences even though they cannot consciously detect infra-sound, causing people to have odd sensations that they attribute to a ghost.

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Bass, Base, Base Guitar - All about Bass

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