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Guitar Accessories and Effects

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A capo is a guitar accessory used to adjust the length of all the guitar strings to make it easier to play songs (vide infra).

A bottleneck is generally used for Hawaiian guitars to slide on the frets.

Finger picks are like normal picks but worn on all five striking finger tips like rings.

Electric guitars come with various other accessories (the effects are better understood when heard):

Distortion: Electronically compresses and/or clips the amplitude of the input signal adding a sustain, additional harmonics and overtones to the signal, creating a richer altered sound.

High gain: Produces a loud, thick, harmonically rich, and sustaining quality of the sound used in heavy metal.

Equalizer: It either raises or dampens specific bands of frequencies produced by the raw tone thus altering the pitch and timbre of the sound.

Wah-wah pedal: The effect produced is similar to a person saying "wah.” There is usually a cyclic up and down swing of the sound producing the wah.

Tremolo: Tremolo is a regular and repetitive variation in the gain produced within the duration of a single note being played.

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Guitar Accessories and Effects

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