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Guitar Accessories and Effects (Part 2)

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Compressor: It provides a uniform volume sustained note by amplifying the softer parts and dampening the louder ones.

Delay / Echo: Produces an echo of the signal.

Reverb: Produces many quick small echoes thus producing a reverberating sound. The note gradually falls off from the peak smoothly and the beats of the echoes are not heard.

Vibrato: It creates a Doppler effect of the signal fed.

Phase Shifter: It produces many regularly-spaced "notches" in an incoming signal by combining it with a copy of itself that is slightly out of phase the main signal, as well as shifting the phase difference cyclically.

Flanger: It simulates the sound effect that is created by slowing a tape for a moment during recording by holding something against the flange, or edge of the tape reel, and then allowing it to speed up again. The sound is sharp, intense and metallic.

Chorus: Sounds like many people playing the same song at the same time perfectly timed to the note. It is akin to the effect of a choir of people singing.

Multi-Effects Pedals: These are composite devices that have any or all the above effects built into one (or many more).

Guitar amplifiers: These basically amplify and generate the audible sound from the electric signal of the guitar or processors.

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Guitar Accessories and Effects (Part 2)

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