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Roman Numeral notation / analysis of chord progressions (cond)

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In addition to these basic chords, extra notes may be added to any chord to harmonize it with any melody being played. Such additions are noted by placing the Arabic numerical symbol of that added interval along with the accidentals, on to the Roman numeral form of the chord. E.g. the dominant 7th chord of with respect to the tonic, will be written as V7 (V – as the chord is built upon the Vth degree, and the 7 is to show that the 7th note of that degree has been added.)

Though the system gets more complex than these basics, some chords like suspended and non-scale chords cannot be indicated by this notation. It is mainly meant for analysis of related chords in progressions and not a replacement for the staff, so all “non-essential” notes are kept out. Some complex added chords are noted as a basic triad, using the base numeral and adding the interval name after it (as in other chords) and when a triad a half step above or below is to be noted, an accidental is placed in front of the numeral (C# in scale of C is #I; Gb will be bV; C add9 will be Imaj9)

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Roman Numeral notation / analysis of chord progressions (cond)

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