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Beginner Level Guitar Techniques to Learn

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Checklist of goals for beginners to fulfill:
  • Attempt to press down one note at a time – one string on one fret at a time, so as to be able to produce a note (and not a just a buzz).
  • Attempt to control the pressure you apply on the string to just enough to keep it sounding
  • Attempt to be able to play notes in series – one note at a time
  • Attempt to change fretting fingers for each note
  • Attempt to play notes on all strings and learn to change strings (right and left hand)
  • Play alternate up and down stroke with the plectrum for each note irrespective for the string or fret you are on
  • Attempt to maintain a rhythm and play each note for the same duration of time and then move on to the next
  • Try not to look at your right (plectrum) hand, while you do this
  • Try to pick up speed gradually over time
  • Learn how to play chords individually
  • Learn how to change chords in progressions
  • Learn to play chords interspaced with leads
  • Learn to play intervals / double notes

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Beginner Level Guitar Techniques to Learn

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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