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Light gauge or Heavy gauge Guitar Strings?

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So, the question is what to choose : Light gauge or Heavy gauge guitar strings? Which strings should you buy for your guitar?

Its a question mainly common among and relevant to the six-string guitar player, as a twelve-string guitar uses both sets (one light gauge and another heavy gauge).

Again this is a discussion about metal guitar strings and not nylon ones.

To be frank, the bottom line of the discussion is that you're the boss. What you feel comfortable with is the best, of course, unless your guitar is not meant for one kind (ask your manufacturer).

Now, to answer this question by a more methodical approach would be to look at the merits and demerits of each kind - a sort of comparison that will allow you to decide what's best for you. So here it goes -
Points:Heavy GaugeLight Gauge
1. GaugeThick in diameterThin in diameter
2. Common MetalBronze, CopperSteel
3. WeightHeavierLighter
4. StiffnessUsually moreUsually more flexible
5. Tension AppliedMore tension applied by the turnkeyLess tension used
6. Left-hand PressureRequires more pressure to sound for a note or a chordRequires less pressure to sound for a note or a chord
7. Strength needed to tuneMoreLess
8. Force of StrumMore requiredLess required
9. Long term effects on the Guitar NeckMore prone to bendLess prone to bend
10. Life Expectancy of the GuitarUsually lessUsually more
11. Life of the Stringsthe 6th, 5th and 4th rarely, if even, breakAnybody's guess
12. Suited for beginnersOnly if you have a good forearm strength alreadyGood for newcomers; more so for kids
13. Overall Ease of PlayLessMore
14. Sound Quality on AcousticLouder; Heavier; More bassQuieter; Sharper; More treble
15. String BendingQuite difficult for the higher stringsEasier for all strings
16. Holding TuningHolds betterPore prone to lose tuning
17. Suitable for PerformanceMore; More professionalLess; Less professional
18. PriceVariesVaries

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Light gauge or Heavy gauge Guitar Strings?

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