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Archtop guitar vs Flattop guitar

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The top of the guitar may either be arched or flat. By top, one refers to the face of the guitar - wide piece of board that has the sound holes and bridge on it. That piece of board is either a flat one, or curved outwards to make the face hook swollen. These are of course the features that one commonly finds in acoustic guitars with or without pickups. The nature of this board has a significant impact on the sound quality and volume. Solid body electric guitars are of a different breed and these concepts do not apply to it.

The flat top guitars: They are the ones with a flat face board. They are usually round hole guitars. The sound is deep, loud and heavy. They have more bass and less treble.

The arch top guitars: They have a curved front face. They are commonly f-hole guitars. Their sound is clearer and has more treble, albeit they sound softer than the flat tops. They are very popular among jazz and blues players.

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Archtop guitar vs Flattop guitar

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