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Vibrato "v ~" - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained

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D|-7~~~ --------------

In the example above, the notation directs the player to rapidly bend the string being played up and down several times to a very short extent producing a rapidly oscillating sound. It can be noted with one or a few tildes "~" - tilde symbol (found just below the "Esc" key) placed side by side or by placing a "v" beside the number. It means, do a vibrato on that note - here, 4(7) and 2(5). The movement can either be up and down with respect to the direction of the string or it may be side to side placing the finger on the edge of the fret.

It is sine qua non of most jazz and blues ballads, though it is less frequently found in rock.

Here's a free video explaining the technique:

Try this video to get a feel for its usage in practice:

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Vibrato "v ~" - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained

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