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String Muting or Palm Muting "x" - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained

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String Muting / Palm Muting:


This example means that the B string is played at the 5th fret and then the finger is lightly released in order to stop the sound as soon as possible. It gives a very sharp and short burst of sound.

These are frequently employed in Jazz and Blues.

String muting can be applied to a whole chord being sounded. The right hand rests on the bridge of the guitar and just barely touches all the strings. The position has to adjusted on a trial and error basis so as to make sure that some sound is produced on strumming, but that is muffled simultaneously.

Again, playing normally with the right hand, one may also mute the strings with the left hand. The chord is sounded and just like string muting, the left hand is gently released to muffle the strings. The sound produced is different when using left or right hand.

Palm muting is very common in grunge and metal.

Here's a free video explaining the technique and showing it in practice:

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String Muting or Palm Muting "x" - Guitar Tabs Technique Explained

Comments: 2 comment(s)...have your say!

BIG thinkersaid...

Muting or muffling as they say, is well used, in all music styles and genres. But i have to say i love the heavy type muting such as metallica in the early years.

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

Muting can be anything from mild to heavy enough to nearly turn the guitar into a percussion instrument. Metallica has been one of the greatest improvisationists that there has been, but it works well only on an electric. An acoustic won't even sound with so much muting.

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