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How to tune two guitars while playing together?

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How does one tune two or more instruments while playing together?

If you have ever been to a concerts, you must have noticed that every instrument on stage is tuned the same. From the keyboard / piano to the guitars, and even the saxophone.

How do they do it?

Well, so as the sax and piano / keyboard are concerned, these are all pre-designed to and tuned in standard tuning. The piano tuning is one of the most stable of all. Tuning it requires a professional and is done only very occasionally!

The basic thing here is that the instruments are all tuned in standard tuning. Thus they all sound in tune.

So, How to tune two guitars while playing together?

Just tune both to standard tuning. Right?

Not so simple:
Well, unless the guitars are of exceptional quality, it almost never happens. At least I haven't been able to achieve this too often in the past 3 years.

So, what you need to do is:
You need to tune one guitar (1st guitar) to standard tuning and tune the other to the first one. To do this, strike the corresponding strings (1st strings, 2nd strings,....and so forth) and tune the second guitar's string to the tuned one. Once you've done it, you need to retune the 2nd guitar to itself. Then you need to tweak the tuning to reach the best compromise. And that's how you tune two guitars to themselves.

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How to tune two guitars while playing together?

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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