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Guitar lessons - Do you really need it?

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There are a few things that every beginner or aspirant needs to know:

Before you decide to pick up this instrument:
1. You could are still not infected by the guitar bug as much. You can still choose something easier.
2. Once you pick up a guitar and it will never be a nightmare. It will sound horrible.
3. Once you get a few licks and chords right, it will be awesome!
4. Once you are infected by the sound of the guitar you will never let it go.
5. If you are concerned about the beauty of your finger tips, go buy CDs instead. It will eventually make them thicker with callous than a manual laborer.
7. A guitar is not for those who seek to just impress people. Its going to be your new companion. Just like a child or pet, it needs a lot of attention and dedication to get it to be your friend, till then it will remain a fiend to your ears.
8. If you have an important exam coming up, postpone your musical aspirations by a couple of days.
9. Finally, it takes one to teach one - at lest its easier. Get some guitar lessons and ask your friends and teachers before you go out and buy your "first real six string."

Enjoy playing!

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Guitar lessons - Do you really need it?

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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