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Frets and the Fret board : Lifespan of a guitar

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Its easy to understand from looking at he construction of a guitar that it though it easy to change the strings once in a while, or even the keys in a few years - it is impossible for a basic player to fix the fret board.

How to know when your guitar wants to retire?

Your guitar's life line (its spine) is its frets and the fret board. The frets are strips of thick metal studded on the wooden fretboard. These are what allow the string to vibrate without touching the fret board as they keep the string lifted up by a few millimeters. As the days pass and you go on playing it, these pieces of metal go deeper and deeper, cutting into the wood and thus sinking in further. A certain time comes, when the strings, when pressed down upon the fret board strike the wood during their maximum vibration (at the initiation of the strike) and produce a rough metallic hissing sound. Thus they also get dampened and the guitar doesn't sound as good. Again, the strings keep the guitar neck in a lot of tension and slowly it starts to bend forward making the player press harder and harder on the strings to get the notes to play.

This time its not the strings. Its time to put your old buddy back in its cover and keep it as a memento OR you may take it to the shop, if you feel like and they can fix the problem by replacing or reworking the fret board.

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Frets and the Fret board : Lifespan of a guitar

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