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Ear training for basic level musicians

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Ear training is a process of honing your skills of picking up exact notes when you just hear them. The very best of players, tenors and conductors can do this - they can differentiate two notes even a half note away - like C and C# - and name them without any aid except for just hearing it!

Have you ever experienced this? A bad musician playing a song you know by heart but hitting the wrong notes or singing out of tune? Even if you are no Pavarotti, you are able to judge that it was wrong. Its because you know the song properly - thus you have a sort of a ear trained for that song. But, if the person plays or sings it at a higher (shriller) pitch? Can you get the difference? Wit ear training - you can!

It doesn't take much to train unless you plan to join Domingo and Carreras. For a beginner - the very basics are -

1. Keep your instrument tuned properly in any standard tuning (Recomended : EADGBE).
2. Listen to as many songs as you can. The more you hear and the more times you hear the better you get. Most media players come with the "repeat" option for a reason - use it.
3. Try and play along with the song playing on your media player.
4. Try and memorize scheme of notes on the guitar neck so that you know what you are playing and in which scale you are playing.

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Ear training for basic level musicians

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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