Basic Music Theory:

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Hammer Pull Slide Mute Vibrato Pick Riff Lick Break Solo

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Chapter – 9
Some Left Hand Techniques and Terms:

(I) Left Hand String Manipulation Techniques:

Hammer on:Sharply strike a finger down on the fretboard hard enough that a note sounds. Multiple successive hammer-ons are called "Rolls."

Slur/Slide: Notes should be played without plucking the individual strings but in a sliding motion from one to the next.

Pull offs:Fretting finger is pulled off (exposing the string either as open or pulled to a lower note on the same string) so that the note playing on the string changes.

Palm muting:Play a note or chord and mute the sound with the fretting hand.

String bending: Bend a string (usually upwards) at one fret to achieve a note of a higher fret by raising the string tension while the string is still vibrating.

Vibrato:A quick successions of a little string bending and "unbending" to produce a vibration like effect.

Pick slide: Place the edge of the pick against any of the upper wound strings and move it along the string so that the pick catches the windings causing the string to vibrate and produce a note with a grating quality.

(II) Some Common Associated Terms:

Riff: It is a repeated music pattern, either lead or chord, usually played in and in between the verses. A "Vamp" is a single chord or a sequence of chords played repeatedly as a rhythm. A "Hook" is a very short signature musical pattern that is easily remembered.

Lick: It is a series of notes that is used as a solo and as a part of the melody.

Break (Instrumental Break):Instrumental section or interlude placed between parts of the song.

Solo (Solo Break):Short, often unaccompanied solo music passages placed between song sections.

Bass Run: It is a break that is played by a bass instrument.

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Hammer Pull Slide Mute Vibrato Pick Riff Lick Break Solo

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