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Guitar Picking, Playing, Right Hand Styles

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Chapter – 10:
Guitar Picking Styles:

Alternate picking: Strictly alternate between down and up strokes while playing a lead.

Tremolo picking: Fast alternate picking on a single note.

Sweep picking: Play in a sweep from one string to the next in a fluid manner and in one direction (up or down). Usually this refers to the common arpeggio when playing a chord as such.

Economy picking: Alternate picking in general but change to sweep picking except when changing strings in the direction of motion.

Hybrid picking: Alternate between picking with a pick and fingers (finger style) or play simultaneously. Hold the pick how ever you are comfortable while not using it but don't put it down.

Chicken picking: A Technique used in country music where the strings are pulled outward by the strumming hand and the note sounded is immediately dampened by the other hand.

Cross picking: Technique uses three pitches played repeatedly within a four-pulse rhythm. This results in a continual shifting of the pitches. The three pitches are usually played on three adjacent strings, one per string.

Finger picking: A.k.a. "Finger-style," "thumb picking," "alternating bass," "pattern picking." It is used to play chords in general. Hold the chord. Play the root note of the chord in any one of the upper three strings (usually top most possible) with the thumbs. Play the three lowest strings with your middle, ring and little finger in any pattern that you feel like; just maintain this pattern for every chord that is played.

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Guitar Picking, Playing, Right Hand Styles

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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