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Reading The Guitar Tabulatute (Tabs) : Chords

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Chords in Tabs:


Numbers occurring in a cluster as one column are chords. Hold and play all these notes together.

This is a very popular way of describing how to play one particular chord, and is used more for than than in "tabbing" songs.

Above, a four chord progression is shown: C Em Am G....(seen following sections).

Another way of depicting chords in tab headers or footers is by using the bare fret number like "EADGBE" where the 1st number is the fret number of the 6th string while the last is the one of the 1st string.

Eg: E Major : 021000 , B Major : 224442, Bm7 : xx4435

The "x" stand for not playing that string. So Bm7 in the above example will be played only on the four lower strings.

Guitar Tablature Series:

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Reading The Guitar Tabulatute (Tabs) : Chords

Comments: 2 comment(s)...have your say!

Neal Rajaksaid...

please tell me the meaning of these braces

Arindam Sarkarsaid...

The braces have no special meaning. These are just used to write out double digit fret numbers to avoid misinterpretation. For example (12) means fret number 12. Without braces it might mean fret number 1 followed by 2.

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