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Notes, Rests and Time Signatures in Staff Notation

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Notes, Rests and Time Signatures:

Notes and Time Signatures

Note that the number of “flags” attached to the note symbol rises in proportion to the shortness of the note. The “x” here, denotes a unit of time, in which the “Whole note” or “Single note” must be played (or allowed to sound) before one plays the next. Thus we have,

A note played for twice the duration of a Semibreve (whole note), is a Breve (Double note), while if one rests for that period, it is called a “double rest” or a “double note rest” or a “Breve rest.”

Now each note or rest is subdivided into two to get the named note that is shorter than it. So (notes and rests),

1 Breve = 2 Semibreve,

1 Semibreve = 2 Minim,

1 Minim = 2 Crotchet,

1 Crotchet = 2 Quaver,

1 Quaver = 2 Semiquaver,

1 Semi-quave = 2 Semi-demi-quaver,

1 Demi-semi-quave = 2 Hemi-semi-demi-quaver,

1 Hemi-demi-semi-quave = 2 Quasi-hemi-semi-demi-quaver,

Thus, we see that:
Notes that are used in staff are all fractions or multiples of each other.

On the subject of time, it will be better to discuss about another topic here first: that of time signatures.....

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Notes, Rests and Time Signatures in Staff Notation

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