Basic Music Theory:

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Music Notation Including The Staff

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Chapter – 3A
Basics of Music Notation:

Music is commonly “written” in the following formats, all of which are a must know for any guitarist:

The Staff Notation:

“Staff” is Italian for latter. The notation consists of a series of five lines on which musical symbols are placed to denote the exact time and pitch relations of each note played. The note get higher pitched, the higher up one goes in the “staff.” Thus, even though a person has never heard a particular song, he or she may be able to play it as the composer had desired. These are commonly referred to as “Sheet Music,” and are a rarity on the internet simply because neither are these characters found on the standard QWERTY keyboard, nor is it easy to create staves without special software.

The Tab Notation:

These are the common and ubiquitous “guitar tabs” that floods every guitar portal on the internet. Its advantage is that it can be written using a standard text editor, like Notepad. These have a serious drawback, in that the player must be familiar with the song. Neither can it depict the duration of any note, nor can it show any relationship between the. It is merely a series of notes that are to be played one after the other. Despite of this – as most people only want tabs for the songs that they are already familiar with, and that it can show the exact fret board position of the note, this system is very popular.

The Guitar Chords:

Most popular songs – predominantly including those from Rock, Jazz, Pop and Country genres – are played on a series of guitar chords repeating cyclically. A particular pattern is maintained. On the internet, sites that offer “guitar chords,” usually present them in a form that indicates at what point of the song the particular chord is struck. These can be before a line begins, coinciding on a syllable or a word or in the interlude.

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Music Notation Including The Staff

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