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Guitar Shops In Kolkata

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Of the many things that are found readily in this city of Kolkata, nothing has frustrated me than finding a guitar shop (and accessories)! Well, that was because I was a novice than and now I know of quite a few. The order is purely arbitrary and does not indicate that any one is better than the other.

1. Signature:
Showroom is near Kalighat.
130, SP Mukherjee Rd.

2. Braganza & Co.:
2A, Marquis Street
(Near Park Street

3. Mondal Brothers:
P 47, Rabindra Sarani.
(Behind Lal Bazar Police Station, Calcutta GPO)

4. Pakrashi & Co.:
82 A,Rashbehari Ave, Kalighat.

5. Shyan Electronics:
243 C, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road,
(Near Pareshnath Temple, Beadon ST)

6. Hobner Musical Industries:
85 B, Jatindra Mohan Ave, Hatkhola
(Near Shovabazar Metro - broken into 3 shops now, all side by side)

7. Kar Enterprise:
6/1, Nafar Chandra Das Road, Behala, ,Behala

8. Kolkata Music Center:
56 C, Mirza Ghalib Street,
(Near Park Street)

9. B Mukunda & Sons:
130 A, S P Mukherjee RD, 1st Floor.
(Opp Kalighat Tram Depot)

10. Gibtone Musical House:
65, Bentinck Street.
(Opp Orient Cinema, Esplanade)

11. Roland:
(i)4A, Dent Mission Road, 1st Floor
(ii)8, Lenin Sarani
(iii)1, Dent Mission Road

12. Jaiswal Musicals:
2/1 A, Bidhan Sarani
(Near Beadon Street)

13. Calcutta Musical Depot:
28 C, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road.
(NR Bharati Cinema, Bhowanipur)

14. Mandal Musical Mart:
P 44, Rabindra Sarani,
(Near Calcutta GPO)

15. S R Musical Industry:
7, East Sinthee Bye Lane
(Near Bakultala, Ghughudanga)

16. Multiple Shops In The Fancy Market:

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Guitar Shops In Kolkata

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