Basic Music Theory:

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Common Symbols Used in the Staff

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Common Non-Note  Symbols Used in the Staff:

These denote when and how a note is played or for how long a quiet space (rest) is maintained.

Staff Lines: The basic frame-work upon which the notations are placed

Ledger Lines: Used to extend the staff lines to accommodate higher and lower pitches.

Bar Lines: Used to separate measures (units of time on a staff) – according to rhythm,

Double Bar Lines: Used to separate two different sections or segments of a music piece.

Dotted Bar Lines: Divides long measures into shorter segments for easy reading.
lines in staff notation of music

The G-Clef (Treble Clef): Indicates that the 2nd line – on which it sits – represents the G note.

The Octave Clef (shown as a variant of G-Clef lowered by an octave):
An 8 or a 15 above a clef raises the intended pitch range by 1 or 2 octaves respectively. Similarly, an 8 or a 15 below a clef lowers the pitch range by 1 or 2 octaves respectively.

The C-Clef (Alto or Tenor Clef): This middle of the clef points to the line representing the middle C.

The F-Clef (Bass Clef): The dots of the clef are placed above and below the line representing the

clefs in music, G or treble clef, C clef, F or bass clef

Middle C is approximately 262 Hz

Guitarists need not bother much about clefs other than the G-clef, but its always good to know things and get clear concepts. The Time and Key are discussed in later chapters as they need some building up to.

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Common Symbols Used in the Staff

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Tune your guitar before you start playing.^Top^

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